“Irene knows how to listen deeply, respectfully, and without judgment to what a body has to say.  Her ability to take the work as deeply as I wanted to go, her openness and willingness to just be present, enabled me to discover an old, deeply ingrained belief pattern that I had been previously completely unaware of.  I’ve worked with many talented massage therapists over the years, but the depth of insight I gained from my body through Irene’s work is unprecedented.”

“Everytime I leave Irene I tell her she is magic.  Irene can either provide specific attention to a tight area, unhinging and realigning my body or she can give me an all over glow and balance.  If you are interested in a wonderfully good listener both to what you say needs work and to what your body tells Irene – she is what you are looking for.  I have never been disappointed and I’ve been getting regular massage for years.”

“Irene has an amazing ability to determine what you need.  She is so unassuming and gentle, you don’t realize it until it is all done and you feel wonderful.  One time I asked her to do some Cranial Sacral work on me because I respond quite well to that.  When Irene was done I couldn’t believe how balanced, relaxed, and euphoric I felt – it was wonderful.  Can’t wait to do it again.”

“On July 2nd, 2011, I suffered a traumatic brain injury from a bicycle accident. Though I was wearing a helmet, I suffered a subdermal hematoma in my brain. After two weeks in the hospital I came home to the very long, very slow process of recovery from TBI.  It has taken me months to work up to three hours of concentration. However, after a cranial sacral treatment, suddenly I can go for many hours longer and the effect lasts for a week! Then, after about a week, my stamina fades again and I need another treatment. It’s amazing to me that something so gentle and subtle can have such amazing results. From the time I get off the table, I feel as if my life which was stolen by the TBI has been given back to me! I sleep better, I can concentrate for five hours without stopping and sometimes longer. I’m thrilled with the results of the cranial sacral treatment Irene gave me. Thank you, Irene!”

“Irene’s yoga is the perfect mix between relaxation and exercise, bodywork and meditation.  Her teaching is founded on her excellent knowledge of anatomy and practical understanding of yoga disciplines & practices. After trying many instructors, I and my boyfriend confidently vote Irene for the best yoga teacher in Seattle!”

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your workshop yesterday.  I created both of my classes this morning around teaching the principles that we learned.  I really felt you presented it all in a way that made it easy for me to translate it to my students.  They all enjoyed it!  One of my favorite students said it was the best class that i had ever done!  She said it really clarified for her some things she was having problems with (a chronic low back issue).  She said she was feeling no pain at the end of class for once!  So thank you, for myself and my students, I can’t wait to really incorporate these little nuggets into my regular classes.”