Advanced Yoga — Practicing is the Point

This Friday evening, I have the privilege of teaching a workshop about inversions (headstands, handstands, shoulder stands) to students interested in pursuing a yoga teacher training.  I love these poses, and they have numerous physical and emotional benefits, from lifting your mood to lowering your blood pressure.  When I first began taking classes, headstand and […]

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The Asmit-o-meter: More about Doing Less

In yoga philosophy, Asmita is one of five kleshas, or things that distract or distort our otherwise quiet mind.  Asmita is often translated as “ego” or a narrow focus on self.  But it’s not just warning against egocentrism or self-conceit.  And it’s not exactly the Freudian kind of ego, and not a dismissal of the […]

Single-Tasking: How to do less

You may be one of those people who sometimes, or even often, feels stressed.  What’s stressing us out?  I think many of us would say that there’s just too much to do, and not enough time.  We’re trying to get faster, more productive, and more efficient so that we can get more done.  It can […]

Some of My Favorite Dharma Teachers

I regularly listen to dharma talks on the internet, and am so grateful for this incredible resource.  I have a few favorite teachers who have become touchstones for me, places I know I can go to find answers, be soothed, and be brought back to what is truly important to me.  So I thought I […]

What You Don’t Know Might Be the Key

I was intrigued to hear about a class at UW Medical School called “Visual Thinking: How to Observe in Depth”. The class is  co-taught by dermatologist Andrea Kalus and an art historian Tamara Moats, and teaches dermatology students how to hone their visual assessment skills.   Specifically, students are taught to put aside their assumptions […]