Yoga and the Subtle Body

Yoga and the Subtle Body Workshop At The Yoga Tree Saturday, October 5, 1:00-3:30pm Yoga is an ancient practice that uses body and mind to access greater power, vitality and clarity. Although modern practice often focuses on physical exercise, traditionally yogis have worked more directly with the subtle or energetic body.  This workshop will introduce […]

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Neural Sensitization: Learning to Hurt (and how to unlearn)

You’ve probably noticed that if you watch a scary or exciting movie, you’re a little amped up for the next few hours, ready for bad guys to jump out of the shadows.  If you find a spider on your towel in the morning, every piece of fluff will startle you for the rest of the […]

Some of My Favorite Dharma Teachers

I regularly listen to dharma talks on the internet, and am so grateful for this incredible resource.  I have a few favorite teachers who have become touchstones for me, places I know I can go to find answers, be soothed, and be brought back to what is truly important to me.  So I thought I […]

What You Don’t Know Might Be the Key

I was intrigued to hear about a class at UW Medical School called “Visual Thinking: How to Observe in Depth”. The class is  co-taught by dermatologist Andrea Kalus and an art historian Tamara Moats, and teaches dermatology students how to hone their visual assessment skills.   Specifically, students are taught to put aside their assumptions […]