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Yoga and the Subtle Body

Yoga and the Subtle Body Workshop

At The Yoga Tree

Saturday, October 5, 1:00-3:30pm

Yoga is an ancient practice that uses body and mind to access greater power, vitality and clarity. Although modern practice often focuses on physical exercise, traditionally yogis have worked more directly with the subtle or energetic body.  This workshop will introduce you to this subtle anatomy and practices to clear and awaken it, giving you a deeper experience of both yoga and yourself.

This Subtle Body is a system of channels (nadis) and hubs (chakras) through which vital energy (prana) flows.  The more subtle the practice, the more potent, as we can access our vital energy more directly.  Working with this energetic map, we’ll explore the body’s midline as a fundamental support for posture and alignment.  We’ll practice with bandhas to tone and support this midline channel.  We’ll also investigate the chakras or energetic focal points along the midline as they relate to different aspects of personality and power.  In this way, you can learn to use yoga to find a very deep source of balance and energy.

This workshop will combine movement, breathwork and meditation.  You will experience a complete practice.  You will also be guided through these practices and images in a way that is down-to-earth, user-friendly, experiential and inquisitive.  The goal is to make the more esoteric elements of yoga tangible and practical.  So if you don’t know the Sanskrit, or you’re not sure that you have any chakras, don’t worry!  This workshop will guide you into the finer points of yoga practice, and give you tools to stand tall, centered and grounded.

$40 per class preregister/$45 at door

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