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Fascia and Fluidity Workshop — Getting Unstuck

At The Yoga Tree

Saturday, September 28, 1:00-3:30 PM

Fascia is a matrix of tissues that connect, organize and support every part of your body.  When it is healthy, fascia makes your muscles supple and strong, and allows your organs, muscles and joints to glide smoothly and function properly.  But without proper care, fascia can get sticky, inhibit movement, and hold us in misalignment – picture a bad case of static cling. In this workshop you’ll learn about the truly fascinating geometry, chemistry and plasticity of fascia – how it shapes you, and how you can reshape it to stay healthy, flexible and strong.

Yoga asana is a perfect tool to stretch long lines of fascia, and to work deeply and holistically with every system in your body. Because fascia wraps and connects everything in your body, it affects every aspect of your health.  Your organs need to move to do their jobs, and they need to glide easily with your movements without getting stuck or impinged.  The same is true of your muscles, nerves, tendons, and arteries. This workshop will help you understand how to practice the asanas for maximum benefit, and understand how you can use movement to impact your overall health.

Information will be interwoven with practice throughout the workshop, so that you can gain a felt knowledge of anatomical principles and how to apply them in yoga.  We will practice a variety of postures and breath work, focusing on common areas of stuckness.
These practices will help you:

  • find a more complete, calming breath
  • improve the health and function of your abdominal organs
  • relieve common aches
  • have more ease and space in your everyday posture
  • regain or maintain full range of motion in your joints

Come prepared to move and to be inspired by your body’s intelligence!  All levels welcome.  This workshop is appropriate for anyone – no yoga experience necessary.

$40 per class preregister/$45 at door 


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