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Breath and Asana Workshop

Breath and Asana

At The Yoga Tree

Saturday, October 19, 1:00-3:30

Our breath is the underlying support for every aspect of our body and our yoga practice.  A fluid, free breath keeps our joints mobile and our cells nourished and cleansed.  A calm, steady breath cultivates a calm, steady mind and a relaxed state for our nervous system.  The very cyclical nature of the breath invites us to practice finding ease in the flow without gripping or controlling.  This workshop will help you deepen your connection to your breath, and enhance your yoga practice by connecting to this essential foundation.

One major emphasis will be finding and developing the natural movement of the diaphragm in deep, restful, nurturing breath.  Diaphragmatic breathing has enormous physical and mental health benefits.  It shifts us out of a stressed, flight-or-fight state and into a state of rest and repair.  It supports proper alignment and muscle use to relieve neck, shoulder and back aches.  And, of course, it delivers precious oxygen to our brain and all cells.  We will practice postures that promote correct breathing, and then bring the benefits of a complete breath into more challenging postures.  This breath uncovers the full benefit of each posture. Likewise, the practice of breathing through challenges helps us uncover our patience, compassion and wisdom in difficult moments.

We will also explore some classic Pranayama practices, and use them to explore how you can change your breath to change your mood, energy level, concentration, or physical tension.  These practices are a doorway into deeper yoga practice, meditation, and subtle awareness.  They are also openings to better health and well-being, and to greater self-awareness and self-care.  The breath is a key to all of this, and it is always available to you.  This workshop will guide you into practices that let you take your yoga with you and enhance your life everywhere – moment by moment and breath by breath.

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