A User’s Guide to the Nervous System — A Workshop

At The Yoga Tree

Saturday, November 2, 1:00-3:30

Every muscle twitch, every heartbeat, every thought is created by your nervous system, from reflex actions to complex problem solving. So understanding how your nervous system works can help you use your muscles more efficiently, handle stress or tough emotions with greater ease, and work with pain, anxiety, or unhealthy patterns with greater wisdom and compassion.

In this workshop you’ll learn some basics about how your nervous system operates, including movement, sensation, thoughts, emotions and memory.  Although your nervous system is truly amazing, like any system it has some trap doors and feedback loops that can create trouble if you’re not aware of them.  We’ll put this information into practice, using both asana and meditation as tools for greater self-awareness and “re-wiring”.

This workshop is for anyone who has ever struggled with pain, nerve damage, anxiety, sensitivity, negative thoughts, or patterns or habits you’d like to change.  It’s also for anyone curious to learn more about your body and mind.  Come prepared to move and to be inspired by your body’s intelligence!  All levels welcome.

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