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In January I began one of two trainings I’ll be taking this year (more about the second later) — Visceral Manipulation!  I’ll be the first to admit that it is not an alluring name, but it’s an effective treatment that can get to the bottom of some chronic and confusing issues, and I’m excited to share it with you. Visceral manipulation (VM) is an osteopathic technique, like craniosacral therapy, and both use subtle touch and sensitive listening with a profound result.  VM helps to locate and address restrictions and adhesions in the body’s tissues.  Every nerve, blood vessel, organ, bone, muscle — everything is the body — is wrapped in connective tissue, or fascia.  These fascial layers are meant to glide over each other, allowing smooth functioning, whether that’s good digestion or full range of motion in a joint.  However, fascia can get stuck together, and then layers of the body get fixed together and can’t move freely.  You might picture static cling, getting stickier and stucker over time.  Tissues around the stuck point will get drawn in, or have to compensate for the restriction.  Because of this, a restriction around an organ or a nerve can create problems in the body that you might not suspect.  Sticky fascia around your lungs can make it harder to take deep breaths, but could also limit the movement in your shoulder or cause compression in muscles and vertebrae along your spine.  This also means, of course, that treating this often-overlooked areas can help resolve issues that aren’t resolved by treating muscles along.  Relief in ways you’d never expect!

I’ll be incorporating this work into my sessions.  Feel free to ask questions!



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  1. Bobbi says:

    fascinating stuff! thanks for sharing.

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