Relieve tension in your neck, shoulders and jaw

at this workshop on December 1st — here are the details:

Relieving Tension and Pain in the Neck, Shoulders and Jaw
with Irene Alexander Tokar

Sat, Dec 1, 1:00-3:00pm

Our neck and our shoulders are some of the most mobile parts of our body, but often they feel stiff, sore and out of place. In this workshop you’ll be guided through practices of movement, breathing, stretching, and strengthening to ease strain and tension. And you’ll leave with techniques to help you release tension and feel more comfortable in your body even outside of yoga class.

Postural imbalance, stress, hours spent sitting and focusing with our eyes, carrying
bags or children, car accidents – all of these can pull us out of alignment and cause our
muscles to clamp down in chronic tension. And some of us can check off everything on
the list! The good news is that yoga practices can bring your muscles back into balance,
strengthen deep core support, free up range of motion, and build awareness of proper

In this workshop, you’ll learn the mechanics of the upper body, neck and jaw — how
these areas can influence each other, and how to unwind pain and tension, move freely
and feel better.

This workshop is appropriate for anyone – no yoga experience necessary.
$40 per class preregister/$45 at door

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